Founders Pack Drop!

Hello, all!
My name is Kaide (CouldntDeal), Co-Founder of BlockchainRPG

I would like to thank everyone for your support within the discord. Now that we have a foundation game to play, we would like to continue our efforts and expand our progress.

I would like to introduce BlockchainRPG Founders 1st Edition, Character Edition – Milo card pack

Some information about the founders pack includes the following:
Total Packs: (x1,000)
Drop Rates
Epic (2%)
We will also be selling these packs for 35 WAX each.

There are a total of 1000 packs and each pack will contain only 1 card of random rarity as seen below. Legendary(0.5%) Epic (2%) Rare(5%) Uncommon(15%) Common(77.5%) These cards are purely cosmetic and will directly support the development of the game. This means that they will not provide any additional benefits to hunts. Note: You can only purchase 1 pack at a time

Who is Milo? He is our very first mascot created for the game. He is a young adventurer who will stop at nothing to document and personally explore every inch of any adventure. He normally keeps to himself in his small study located in Aurum, though when it’s time to go, he will take anything and everything with him that he may need on his expedition. His family has been settled in Aurum for a long time, apparently his dad found Atlantis or something.

Here at BlockchainRPG we have been working for months behind the scenes creating what we have today. We are dedicated to a fun and fair gameplay, where players won’t get an advantage from what we sell directly. This means the exclusive rewards from this pack are Cosmetic.
These cards can be displayed in your inventory for your friends to see, as well as anyone else forever down the line in your adventure. They will also affect your in-game chat badge and color. Show off your exclusive rewards! When we add the IN-GAME Market/Chat everyone will be able to see your Founders Flare. Your name and badge will show whatever flare your character card has. As well as a “View Profile” feature.

You can now purchase a pack by going to

The sale will take place IN-GAME This ensures not only small security, anti bot measures, but that anyone who plays will be able to see the sale

Thank you again for everything you guys do. Truly appreciate every single one of you.

Good luck hunting!

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