BlockchainRPG Patch Notes

New level up system added!

Hello everyone! We are excited to share our new “Level up” system with you. When fighting monsters you will be granted XP based on the location you hunt. Swamplands current awards 5XP, whereas Forest currently offers 10XP. This XP will display in the top left under your health bar indicated in the picture below. 


Begin the hunt

Early levels will be easy to obtain, but the more you level the harder it gets. The race to the top has begun! Challenge your friends and achieve the highest levels together. 

Our level-up system is in the first phase. We will be building upon it in future updates, while also adding new features that will utilize the levels you’ve earned. Secondly being able to see and share your hard work will feel good. In the current phase, there is not a level cap, so the skies are the limit. The XP curve should be quite steep, to combat this and allow for much harder grinds down the line. 

We hear you

Recently a lot of the updates coming out have been behind-the-scenes backend updates that you, the player don’t get to experience. We recently added a poll to see what kind of feedback we’d receive based on a level-up system. The feedback was obvious and we got to work! After an initial test, we were ready to bring it to the dev server and try it out. The team immediately noticed that the players started competing, which made us very happy to see. After a short time, we made a couple more small changes, fixes, and adjustments. That is when we decided it was ready for live and time to share this with everyone as soon as we can. So fast even, the system has been out already for an hour before this post. 

Don’t stop the feedback

The communities voice is very important to our decisions. Here at BlockchainRPG, we are actively looking into the #suggestions-and-Feedback channel on our discord server for great ideas others have experienced in their life playing games. That being said we take our community very seriously because without them we wouldn’t have had the morale to continue. We have achieved so many of our goals so far, we owe it to the players to finish this amazing project and watch it too level up in the process. 

You all, are the best.

Please stay tuned for the patch notes, future updates, and continued development on BlockchainRPG. 

Thank you all for your continued support and happy hunting! 

– The BlockchainRPG Team

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