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v3.19.0-beta Changelog – Display Name, In Game Leaderboard & Tokenomics updates!

In our latest release (v3.19.0-beta), we have added a number of new changes.

Display Name

Players can now change their IGN in settings and have the new name reflected in the game and chat. These names are unique (meaning only one person can have a name) so I hope to see some more creative names! There are some restrictions, however. You may only change your name once, you cannot use special characters, and you must have a Character Card equipped.

In-Game Leaderboard

We are introducing an In-game leaderboard to show the rankings of players based on level. We may introduce more features for this but would like your feedback on what you would like to see on the leaderboard. It will show the top 100 players, their display name and their level.

Tokenomics Updates

As some of you may know, the issued supply of our tokens were a lot higher than what was actually in circulation. This was because of how our previous reward system operated. Previously, we would transfer (not issue) tokens as players hunted successfully. We did this for security purposes and needed to have a high balance available for these transfers. We have since implemented the staking system to allow hunt rewards to the player’s staked balance (which will take 24 hours to unstake) so this is no longer an issue. We have also updated our contract logic to issue and burn tokens in accordance with player actions.

For example: A player crafts an HPPOT using 150gp (0.00000150 GOLD) + 3 SLIME. The contract burns the 150gp and 3 SLIME and issues an HPPOT to the player’s staked balance.

After this change, we were able to remove the “buffer” balances so our tokens’ issued supply will now more closely match what is actually in circulation. Using tokens will burn them, and hunting will issue more to the supply. We hope that this will bring better transparency to our token holders and allow for better tokenomics.


Thank you all for being a wonderful community. We have so so many exciting changes planned and cannot wait to release them! (in due time)
Our main priority is to give our community (and especially new players) the information that they need in order to succeed. We know our website is a bit lacking but we are very close to releasing a revamp of our docs and knowledge base! 🙂

Please let us know in our Discord if you have any issues, comments, or concerns. We will try our best to assist in any way we can.
Hope you all have a great week and happy hunting!

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