Did you grow up playing video games? How many hours did you sink into it? How much effort did you expend to make your character the best it could be? Did you ever wish that the treasures your adventurer discovered could also be your own? 


Return to the classic role-playing game that we all enjoyed during our childhoods! Welcome to the land of Aurum, a rich world filled with lore, treasure, and adventure. You, a humble adventurer, have created a digital extension of yourself to aid in your adventure. 

With GOLD being the primary currency of this world, there are countless opportunities to make your fortune and live like royalty. Leverage our tokenized economy to purchase or even craft rare and legendary artifacts to strengthen your character. But as with the real world, resources are limited and it’s a first-come-first-serve competition to see who can reach the top of society. 

Help the local townsfolk, hunt for threatening monsters, and seek glory and treasure! You can choose your own adventure. 

Beware adventurer, as the Dark Energies continue to slowly engulf the world of Aurum, the monsters in new territories will only grow stronger. Be safe, and be prepared. 

All legends start somewhere…how will your tale begin?


BlockchainRPG is a hunting-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) decentralized metaverse built on the WAX blockchain. We want the adventurers to see their in-game adventurers as an extension of themselves. Adventurers can hunt in a variety of unique hunting grounds to find wealth in the form of our metaversal currency – GOLD (token symbol GOLD) and treasures such as materials for crafting or equipable items. Adventurers are able to then equip these items to increase their stats and hunt more efficiently, thus increasing their ability to progress through the game. These items are tied to a real-world market and therefore contain value to the adventurer base. 

Game mechanics and tokenomics have been created to cater towards the below objectives:

  1. Ever-expanding game to promote a fantastic experience
  2. Community interaction including but not limited to team effort and friendly competition
  3. Introduction to blockchain technology through recognizable gaming motifs


The team at BlockchainRPG is focused on delivering the highest level quality of gameplay to the adventurers, and below are just a few of the key points that we aspire to provide: 

  • Fairness for all
    • The blockchainRGP team is committed to fair gameplay for all levels of adventurers to ensure there is no extra advantage for any adventurer. We are actively cracking down on all cheating and hacking including, but not limited to, bots, automated software, multi-accounting and contract exploitation. In the event you are caught, you will risk permanent bans and account locks. Additionally, all packs and drop tables are identical for each adventurer.

  • Transparency
    • As part of a blockchain, all adventurers will have the ability to see what transactions are being made and who is making them.

  • Expansive gameplay
    • With our primary focus on making a fun and interactive game, our development team is always working on a new feature or addition to BlockchainRPG to ensure that the adventurers are not without something to do. 

  • Healthy marketplace
    • With multiple restrictions surrounding those with insider knowledge and an emphasis on gameplay over flipping/scalping, we are committed to creating a game that’s fun and captivating as opposed to a game solely meant to generate capital.




BlockchainRPG runs on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain. According to CoinMarketCap, WAX is a purpose-built blockchain, released in 2017, that is designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, simpler and safer for every party involved. The WAX blockchain uses delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism.

Why WAX?

Our team chose to develop on Wax because of the below reasons:

  1. There are zero transaction costs or gas fees associated with the blockchain.
  2. We want to leverage an already existing platform and community to jumpstart our game and growth.
  3. WAX has a fast processing time and high transactions per second (tps) to create a smooth decentralized application (dapp) user experience 

On chain components include:

  • All non fungible tokens including GOLD, SHELL, HPPOT, etc.
  • All core gameplay including hunting, crafting and further game actions such as quests, etc
  • Item staking
  • Pack opening

Off chain elements include:

  • User interfaces
  • General gameplay visuals

Where to Purchase WAX Tokens

While BlockchainRPG and Happy Turtle LLC are not sponsored by the below exchanges, Adventurers can purchase WAX tokens from the below links. Please follow website instructions to begin trading. Prices are subject to change and volatility, and BlockchainRPG and Happy Turtle LLC are not liable for any loss in value: 

KuCoin – https://www.kucoin.com

Bittrex – https://bittrex.com/

Huobi Global – https://www.huobi.com/

Simplex – https://www.simplex.com/

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programs within the blockchain that execute when specific requirements are reached without much if any, time delay. They work by following an “if/when…then” logic that is written into code on the WAX blockchain. After verification of specific actions or predetermined conditions, a transaction will go through that is only between the parties involved, which is typically BlockchainRPG and the adventurer. For the purposes of security, speed, and transparency, all transactions with adventurers will involve the use of a smart contract. For example, smart contracts are utilized when receiving items or GOLD upon a successful hunt or crafting a new item. These transactions are visible on your WAX account at the following link: https://wax.bloks.io/account/

Getting started

Whether you are new to blockchain technology or a seasoned veteran, it is recommended you review the below instructions on how to get started creating your own WAX cloud wallet to begin your adventure. 

How To Start

  1. Create WAX wallet
    1. Click on the following link for the WAX homepage: https://all-access.wax.io/
    2. Sign up for a new account and follow the instructions until you have a wallet address
  2. Wallet Verification
    1. Click on the landing page link: https://www.blockchainrpg.io/
    2. Scroll down to find our discord link and join the channel
    3. Follow instructions to verify your wallet
  3. Verify Email
    1. Return to the landing page and click on the “Play Now” button
    2. If this is your first time trying to play the game, you will need to verify your email by clicking “Sign-up” on the pop-up
    3. An email will be sent to your email address you are looking to verify
    4. Upon verification, you will be able to load the game


Q: “I’m getting a CPU billing error in-game, how do I fix this?” 

A: You will need to stake additional resources (WAX tokens) into your account in order to increase your CPU usage for the game. This can be completed by logging into your account on https://wallet.wax.io/ or https://wax.bloks.io/. Follow the below instructions for either link:


  1. Click on “Resources” on the top-right of the page, a pop-up

titled “Network Resources” will appear

  1. Select “CPU” on the drop-down menu and if you have 

WAX tokens in your WAX cloud wallet account you can

type in any amount up to the number of tokens you own

  1. Click “Stake” to complete the staking process
  2. Please note this is also the process for other resources

(RAM, NET) although you must specifically select those in

the drop-down. NET is also staked, however, RAM is bought

(and can be sold later if no longer needed) 


  1. Click on “Wallet” on the top-right of the page, you will be directed to a new page 
  1. On the left sidebar, you will find an option to “Stake CPU/NET”, click on this

  1. Type in the wallet name to stake

resources in (your wallet name will be

in this field by default). You can choose

to stake for another account if desired.

If you have WAX tokens in your WAX

cloud wallet account you can type in

any amount up to the number of tokens

you own

  1. Click “Stake” to complete the staking process
  2. This is also the same process to stake for NET, but type the number of WAX tokens to stake under the NET field

Additional To-Do’s

  • Interact with the community
  • Explore our landing page
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to the BlockchainRPG team
  • Report suspicious accounts for multi-accounting and possible botting
  • Hunt as often as you can! 


The land of Aurum is unforgiving, untamed, and unexplored. Why would you, as a humble adventurer, want to venture into such a dangerous place? We both know why…to seek treasures beyond your imagination, to trailblazer your own path, and to forge your own legacy.

With only a single safe area on the entirety of the continent, a haven if you will, all beginning adventurers begin their journey in the town of New Haven. Some have decided to journey out to the nearby swamplands and, while some were not fortunate enough to return home, dubbed it the first hunting ground. The first of many, hopefully. The supplies and resources from the monsters and creatures have been able to sustain the adventurers and townsfolk, but an adventurer’s lust for greater glory will not be satisfied here. With the blessings of the goddess Argenta, who provides adventurers with some recovery from ailments and injuries, the adventurers march forth towards the unknown horizon, destined to conquer this great wilderness. 

As an adventurer in Aurum, your goal is to build a legacy with nothing but your hard work, strategic mind, and a tiny spark of luck. You will be hunting various dangerous mobs to earn a plethora of rewards including but not limited to equipment such as armors, weapons, and accessories, crafting materials, and GOLD, our in-game token currency. Craft and equip better equipment and supporting items to boost your adventurer’s stats and perform better during hunts, further increasing your bounty. 

Core Gameplay


Hunting is the primary mechanic in the game, being the best way (outside of opening your wallet) for an adventurer to accumulate resources and loot. Each time you hunt, you will have a random chance to spawn a single monster from a group, otherwise known as a mob. Based on your stats at the time of the battle, our proprietary damage calculations will determine if you win or lose the hunt and how much HP is lost as a consequence of the hunt. As you progress further and deeper into the unexplored Aurum wilderness, you will find that the hunts will become more challenging. 

  • Access the map when at a town (New Haven for example), and click on a hunting ground. 
  • After clicking on a hunting ground, the “Hunt” button will appear for the adventurer. Simply click on this button to begin the hunt. 
  • Be careful not to lose all your HP or else you will fail a hunt and die. Fortunately for you, death is not permanent in Aurum due to the grace of our deities.


Through your adventures, you will begin to accumulate items to help you along your journey. They range from powerful equipment that can boost your stats to consumables that can heal your HP. As you travel to later and more difficult hunting grounds, you will find that the item drops will get more powerful and valuable. 

Some example items are below:

  • Character Card
    • Milo
    • More is coming soon!

  • Equipment
    • Weapon
    • Armor
    • Accessory
    • More is coming soon!

  • Crafting Materials
    • Slime
    • Shell
    • More is coming soon!

  • Consumables
    • Hit Points Potion (HPPOT)
    • Packs
    • More is coming soon!


Your stats are representations of how powerful your adventurer is with numbers. Lower numbers represent a weaker adventurer and vice versa. Your stats are important because you receive damage based on your stats relative to an enemy’s. Equipment can raise your stats after staking and equipping them. Our current stats are below with a short description of how they work:

  • Hit Points (HP): damage you can sustain before dying
  • Attack: damage you can deal to an enemy
  • Defense: damage reduced after receiving an attack


In order to keep hunting, the adventurer will need to maintain a high enough current HP to avoid death. Fortunately, there are ways for you to heal in the game. Our two methods are listed below:

  • Consumables: HPPOTs heal a specific amount of HP upon use
  • Free Heal: the Goddess Argenta has blessed our community with free full HP heals to aid in our exploration of Aurum, however, her power cannot be abused and will remain on a 30-minute cooldown timer.


After a successful day of hunting, you’re going to need a place to store your loot – that place being your inventory. Your inventory is accessible on the main screen and stores all your items and GOLD for safekeeping. You can also open or use consumables in your inventory such as HPPOTs and packs.


All the crafting materials you obtain during your travels can be used to craft numerous equipment or consumables

  • There are a few standard recipes that are known by all parties, but as you progress, you will need to stumble across a new crafting recipe to create a new item
  • OR you could get lucky, mix and match a bunch of crafting materials and hope it generates a new item. If you get unlucky, all the crafting materials will disintegrate into ash 
  • This can create an additional field of adventurers who have the specialized knowledge to create certain items (and can trade them on the market) or they can choose to sell their secrets (prior to forever consuming the recipe) to someone else who wants to buy it

Trading in the marketplace

  • Any good RPG will offer a trading system within the game, and this game is no different! Due to the nature of the BC, the in-game tokenomics are also impacted by both the real-world token value as well as the supply demand market
  • The game will not have any control over the prices dictated by the public market and any advice we provide should not be considered as investment advice
  • Announcements and patches will be announced ahead of time to best efforts notify all the adventurers and set expectations to help keep the market stable
  • Trading can help you alleviate burden in your inventory, help you progress in the game, or help earn you some extra real-world rewards
  • The below links are marketplaces that we are currently utilizing:


Equipment will come in different tiers, with each being stronger than the last. But of course, the more extraordinary the power, the harder to find that equipment is. 

Common – The lowest of the low, the most common and available equipment tier there is. These items have relatively low stats but can still get the job done.

Uncommon – Just like finding a diamond in the rough, if the diamond was about ¼ the volume of the rough. It’s not much better, but you aren’t complaining. 

Rare – Okay, now we’re talking. There’s some decent power imbued in this tier and mobs (and other adventurers) should rightfully fear you.

Epic – When the world called for a hero, you picked up the phone. What you have is the best the mortal plane has to offer. You will barely be touched, all the while anything you touch will be slain instantly. Just be careful not to get your equipment dirty from all the blood and guts! 

Legendary – Truly a 1 in a million situation. This tier of equipment has been blessed by the deities of this land and you are their champion. Simply your aura strikes fear and awe in those around you, and your power is so great that you would be a fool not to lead the charge. Take up the mantle and strive to do good by virtue of your infinite luck. OR you can just sell the equipment for a huge profit and give someone else that responsibility, I don’t really care the choice is yours.


Do you keep finding common or other low-tier items and need better stats to progress further in the game? Or did you accidentally buy a ton of them in the market and now they are reselling for less? Why not give blending a try? With blending you can create value from these common items by trading them in for a stronger, higher rarity version of that item. Blending helps to alleviate an oversaturated market in addition to always giving common items uses. Below are the current blending tables for in-game items, currently only applicable to some equipment and character cards:

        Four common -> one uncommon

        Four uncommon -> one rare

        Four rare -> one epic

        Four epic -> one legendary

        256 commons -> one legendary




The entirety of BlockchainRPG’s documentation, as well as the services, products and functionalities outlined are a constant work in progress and will be frequently updated. Happy Turtle LLC reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of Happy Turtle LLC to provide notification of such revision or change. 

Happy Turtle LLC is not responsible for the accuracy of the information outlined in this documentation and cannot be held liable for any claims or losses.

BlockchainRPG is built using cutting edge blockchain technology that may not work as intended. The full release of BlockchainRPG Web App including full smart contract and web programming functionality will be provided “as is”. By investing in any BlockchainRPG’s assets and/or using any products offered by Happy Turtle LLC, you are agreeing to giving up your rights to press charges and hold Happy Turtle LLC liable for any claims or losses incurred. 

Any information, material or knowledge shared within this documentation, on Discord, Twitch, or other social media streams, is not to be taken as financial advice. Investors are advised to do their own research and manage their risk effectively. BlockchainRPG is free-to-play and does not require any upfront purchases, although there are secondary community markets for in-game NFTs and tokens that can potentially create value for any items.

Any and all formulas or innovations presented are subject to change without warning. The utmost effort and care will be taken to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of any and all proposed concepts, however, revisions can and will take place to ensure the integrity of the project will not be compromised.

Please see the below links for additional resources detailing game and company policy:


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